Telehealth and DNA Verified Drug Testing

Life Assurance Recovery has partnered with a mobile health provider to provide remote drug testing services for our clients who need drug testing via urinalysis to support their recovery during treatment. Samples are submitted via FedEx to a HIPAA-compliant lab in Austin, TX.  


Initial UA results take 24-32 hours from the time the sample is received at the lab, with confirmation about 12-24 hours after that. 


Testing kits are shipped via FedEx. This first kit includes the UA materials, as well as a swab kit needed to provide the DNA sample for ongoing sample verification. 


Clients will have a training session via Zoom with their individual LARS coach to perform the cheek swab over video to verify identity. They will need to refrain from eating, drinking or smoking for 30 minutes prior. LARS coaches observe them swabbing their cheek and place the swab in the vial and the vial in the envelope. They will then also submit a urine sample and ship the two items back together.


The lab is HIPAA compliant and does not share the DNA sample or info. with anyone else. The sample is destroyed once the client completes treatment.   

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