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Forget New Year's Resolutions, 2018 is All About Goals

The problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that they seem to never really stick. That’s because the goals outlined in most New Year’s Resolutions are rooted in habits and behaviors that we haven’t un-learned yet. Losing weight, getting healthy, improving our careers, working on personal relationships, stopping alcohol and drug use… if we knew how to do these things properly, we’d already be doing them, and wouldn’t need a New Year’s Resolution to make them happen.

Rather than making a New Year’s Resolution that ends up being a hollow promise to yourself, set yourself up for success by focusing on 2018 goals instead. Unlike the general terms used to describe New Year’s Resolutions, long-term goals tend to be more specific, achievable, and realistic ideas that you actually have control over. But even with achievable, realistic goals, some of us still need help developing the proper habits to make those goals a reality. That’s where help in the form of a Certified Recovery Coach comes in.

What is a Certified Recovery Coach?

Think of a Recovery Coach as a Life Coach, but with an emphasis on recovery from alcohol and drugs, and expertise in all the pitfalls and roadblocks associated with early and long-term recovery. Certified Recovery Coaches are trained and certified in a number of recovery-oriented skills, such as drug and alcohol counseling, medication management, health and fitness goals, career planning, and more. If your 2018 goals include complete recovery from alcohol and drugs and all the amazing gifts associated with sobriety, a Certified Recovery Coach is the perfect companion to help guide you along the way when the going gets tough.

Getting through early recovery from alcohol and drugs

If one of your 2018 goals is to stop using alcohol and drugs, a Recovery Coach can help. Certified Recovery Coaches are, above all else, alcohol and drug rehabilitation specialists. A Certified Recovery Coach can help clients find the right kinds of help early on in their journey of recovery. Certified recovery coaches specialize in tailoring recovery plans to suit the individual, providing unorthodox and non-traditional detox and rehab options like private At-Home Detox, long-term intensive outpatient counseling, and aftercare. Recovery Coaches help their clients create and adhere to an early recovery action plan that gives their clients a leg up on early recovery.

24-hour support, and implementing ongoing care plans

If your 2018 goals include creating a life plan that ensures long-term recovery, a Certified Recovery Coach is the perfect ally. Inpatient treatment facilities like 30-day rehabs are great for learning new habits and behaviors, but implementing those habits into ongoing day-to-day life can be a challenge. Certified Recovery Coaches provide ongoing support and guidance to help navigate life’s challenges as they present themselves. We’re talking personal one-on-one attention that allows clients to ask questions about navigating recovery obstacles and roadblocks as they present themselves in real time.

Health, Wellness, Mindfulness

If your goal is to improve your overall physical, mental, and spiritual health, a Recovery Coach can Certified Recovery Coaches can help! True recovery requires a lifestyle that enables healthy living and healthy choices in all aspects life. Recovery Coaches help clients create and adhere to a variety of life choices and hobbies to increase their chances of long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Whether it’s creating a realistic healthy eating strategy, fitness regimen, or finding the right holistic health approaches like religious practices, yoga, and meditation to improve the mind, body, and spirit.

Career, Finance, Marital help, Legal assistance, and more

If your 2018 goals involve legal, marital, or career difficulties due to addiction, a Certified Recovery Coach can help with extended problems associated with alcohol and drug addiction like trouble with the law, career problems, financial difficulties, divorce, and custody battles. While Certified Recovery Coaches do not handle these issues directly, a Recovery Coach will help clients stay focused and make good decisions regarding these problems. Whether it’s assistance finding a good family lawyer or marriage counselor, or reliable help finding direction and hope when all seems lost, Certified Recovery Coaches are here to help with any and all problems their clients may have.

-- Life Assurance Recovery, 2018

For more information about Recovery Coaching, At-Home Detox, and other recovery services in the Greater New York City area, Contact Life Assurance Recovery and one of our recovery specialists will reach out with additional information so today can be the day you turn your 2018 goals into a reality.

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