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What is a Recovery Coach

A Certified Addictions Recovery Coach (CARC) is a sobriety-oriented life coach that is available 24/7 to help men and women in recovery stay sober and achieve their goals. Recovery coaches focus on motivating and encouraging our clients, while providing practical guidance and solution-based support for all of life’s challenges.

A recovery coach doesn’t provide primary addiction treatment – instead, we work in tandem with 12-step programs, therapists, sponsors, rehabs, and other recovery services to create a fortified line of defense against relapse. With a broader range of duties than a 12-step sponsor, recovery coaches teach crucial skills and strategies for overcoming life’s roadblocks. We encourage clients to develop a set of realistic long- and short-term goals, empowering them to make clear, thoughtful decisions about their own future.

Many people in early recovery struggle with day-to-day responsibilities in their newfound sober life. Recovery coaches work side-by-side clients to help them learn to navigate the rocky road of early recovery. We provide practical support, offering information and guidance on topics like career planning, professional development, educational planning, medication management, mental health, wellness, diet and exercise, emotional awareness, and more.

How is a Recovery Coach different from a 12-step sponsor?

Since the invention of the 12-step program in 1935, sponsors have played a key role in helping millions of men and women recover from alcohol and drugs. For decades, sponsors have guided their sponsees through the rigors of the 12 steps. But there are limits to a sponsor’s duties, and most sponsors rightfully set strict boundaries regarding what is and isn’t their responsibility.

Many people in recovery have heard some version of the sponsor’s mantra: “I’m not your therapist, I’m not your doctor, I’m not your financial advisor, marriage counselor, guidance counselor, or banker. My job is to take you through the 12 steps so you can do the same for someone else.”And so it has been for decades. A sponsor takes the newcomer through the 12 steps, a process that is absolutely crucial for long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs. But there is a limit to a sponsor’s duties, and that’s where a Recovery Coach comes in.

What does a Recovery Coach do?

Recovery coaches are credentialed by the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) or similar state licensing boards. A recovery coach must complete over 30 hours of training, and have hands-on experience helping people in recovery access crucial benefits and services.

A recovery coach isn’t a therapist or a doctor – we don’t diagnose or treat physical and mental illness – we do support our clients and advocate for their health as they navigate insurance issues, finding the right doctors, getting to appointments, medication management, and other general health services.

Certified Addiction Recovery Coaches work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our clients at all times. By collaborating directly with 12-step sponsors, mental health professionals, and treatment teams, we’re able to monitor and support our clients, while encouraging honesty and accountability through on-the-spot drug testing and sobriety checks.

For more information about recovery coaches and other addiction services, contact Life Assurance Recovery. Schedule a consultation with our client specialists and begin the journey of recovery today.

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