Comprehensive Case Management

Life Assurance comprehensive case management can be described as a coordinated approach to health, substance abuse, mental health, and social services. Its primary purpose is to link our clients with the most appropriate services to address their specific needs and achieve stated goals. When implemented to its fullest, LARS comprehensive case management will enhance the scope of treatment and the recovery continuum. Our trained and certified treatment professionals will provide the client a single point of contact for multiple health and social services systems, advocate for the client, be flexible, community-based, and client-oriented, assist the client with needs both in and outside the realm of substance abuse treatment.

The goal of LARS comprehensive case management is to provide professional supervision and support to clients and families as they transition through each phase of their recovery journey. LARS case management is a comprehensive service created to supervise and support a continuum of care plan. This extended service assists in identifying additional clinically appropriate recovery resources such as outpatient programs, physicians and therapists, self-help and peer support groups in the client’s community. The services provide support for the client’s personal goals and accountability, utilizing the skills acquired during the continued treatment process. Every client’s plan is based on personal history, progress in treatment, and either an identified continuing care plan or the need to develop one. Our comprehensive case management is designed to facilitate and foster community recovery connections that are key to breaking the cycle of isolation. 

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