Comprehensive Case Management

Once the addiction cycle has been broken and the individual has returned from in-patient treatment, it is essential to implement a plan that provides the greatest probability for long-term recovery.  Recovering individuals are at their greatest risk of relapse during their first year as they acclimate to living life without substances.  Statistically speaking, the odds are against them and relapse often occurs when left to their own devices, without professional guidance and a formal plan of recovery in place.


Our mission is to shepherd our clients through their first year, building the critical foundation necessary to excel in life free from substances. Our Intensive Case Management program provides the vital elements necessary to greatly improve the likelihood of achieving a heightened success rate.


Intensive Case Management aftercare is designed to meet each individual’s needs and provide structure and accountability around the tasks of a successful recovery. Aftercare treatment is coordinated with the client and treatment facility prior to discharge. Our Intensive Case Management program provides:


  • Substance Abuse Counseling

  • ​Recovery Coaching & Mentoring

  • Collateral Counseling: interaction with psychiatrist, therapist and other engaged professionals

  • Family Support: continuous guidance, coaching and education (maintaining client confidentiality with Partial Disclosure Agreement)

  • Relapse Prevention strategies

  • Assignments

  • Self-help program guidance: initially attend meetings with clients

  • Development of daily and weekly recovery routine

  • Life Coaching (career, relationship, nutrition, conflict resolution and spiritual guidance)

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